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Are You Ready to Open for Business?

Take this 5 minutes survey to discover
how to safely return to business

Take our survey and learn to identify risks and how to mitigate them

By answering no more than 15 question, you will learn...

✔️ What PPE your company needs
✔️ What kind and exactly how much
✔️ To identify risks and how to mitigate them
✔️ What policies and controls you should implement
✔️ Both administrative and engineering controls
✔️ How to prioritize actionable steps to improving business safety

All industries are different and each will need to respond differently to minimize the risks of COVID-19.
Ready to start? Please select the industry that is most closely related to your business!

Step 1: Take the Survey

Answer 10 simple multiple-choice questions to help us understand your unique business circumstances.

Step 2: Received Tailored Recommendations

Within a matter of minutes, you will receive a tailored recommendation around all the actions your business should take in order to return to business safely.

Step 3: Receive Industry Insights & Tips

Receive your starter industry specific Return To Business Guide as well as congoing updates, tips and insights to help your business maintain a safe environment.

Testimonial from a business owner who has worked with Catalyst in supplying protective cases for their business

- Business Owner

We're here to help

We understand that getting a grip on all the information around COVID-19 can be difficult. Every industry is different and t is not easy to know what policies and practices to implement for your specific business. So we are here to guide you through the difficult but essential process of preparing your business for the post-COVID era.

In accordance with recommendations from government health bodies such as the CDC, OSHA and WHO, this short survey will help you understand what policies your company should adopt as well as what equipment you should provide in order to create a safe environment for business to be carried out.


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