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Another big win for Catalyst

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2020 has not been an easy year for anyone in business. We have all have had to adapt and adjust in these challenging times. At Catalyst, we have always put the customer at the centre of our business. Over the last decade, we have become synonymous with reliable protection, innovative design and premium quality products, leading to us being at the top of the Consumer Electronics industry.

Catalyst PPE to Alleviate Shortage

More than ever, it was important for our business to shift and fulfill a worldwide need: to create Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The industry continues to search for solutions for reliable and consistent sources for PPE, and our unique experience in product engineering makes us a qualified partner. According to the FDA, there is not enough PPE to meet the needs of the US Healthcare system. Solutions to this shortage need to be presented, and Catalyst has stepped up to the plate.

Catalyst has entered this new category of PPE because we are uniquely positioned to not only fill a short-term gap, but design and manufacture a full, high-quality line for the healthcare industry and business sector.

June Lai - Driving Success

It goes without saying that this success could not have been possible without co-founder and CEO of Catalyst, June Lai. She started her career in biotech and is a scientist. After getting her MBA (and several other advanced degrees) she has consistently performed business analysis and has positioned our complex business for continuous growth.


June has many accolades under her belt, and we are proud to announce that 2020 has been no different: she has been globally recognized as one of the leading Women in Business by winning not one, but two Stevie Awards for Women in Business. 

She won the Gold Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Consumer Product business from 11 to 2,500 employees. She also won the Bronze Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Asia, Australia or New Zealand.

What are the Stevie Awards for Women in Business?

It is the world’s premier business awards for female entrepreneurs, executives, employees, and the organizations they run. More than 1,500 entries were submitted this year for consideration across all the Stevie Awards Categories. Judging was conducted by more than 200 members of seven judging committees through September. Jurors’ average scores determined the Gold, Silver and Bronze placements*. 

Some snippets below of what the judging panel had to say about June and her success.

“June is no doubt an intelligent, savvy businesswoman. Her ideas to shift from smart phone cases to PPE equipment during the pandemic enabled her company to remain relevant, viable and saved the jobs of her employees 

“June has built an impressive company over 10 years and securing a number of high-profile strategic partnerships…She has done well pivoting during the pandemic and keeping her company whole and taking care of all of her employees.” 

 When speaking to CEO World this month June echoes the success of #WomenInTech seeing that women are increasingly in tech nowadays and she loves seeing how it flourishes year on year. She loves how this has helped empower women to enter this market and excel.

However, she emphasizes that it takes every employee of Catalyst moving forward to maintain the reputation we’ve built for quality, innovation and brand integrity.

Utilizing our diverse, talented, and nimble team helped shift our contribution in a way that helps fill the critical need for PPE. Our team and resources help educate consumers on best practices for protection, how current products can aid in proper hygiene for electronic devices and this has led to us launching 12 new medical and industrial PPE products to help protect healthcare workers and the public.  

We are excited and empowered to see June win these highly coveted awards and can’t wait to see what 2021 brings not only for her but for Catalyst.





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